Fast Track Entrepreneurs Incubator


Master Class Series

Professor Basile leads a series of 10 session workshops designed specifically for entrepreneurs at every level of business. The series is modeled after Mr. Basile’s highly successful Law & Entrepreneurship class that he teaches at a law school in New York. The series will launch late March 2020 and covers topics such as how to start your business, funding your business, choosing engineers or manufacturers, how to pay yourself and your employees, nationwide and global opportunities, putting together a great management team, growth strategies, marketing, branding, financials and exit strategies.

The Entrepreneur Master Class Series is free to the firms incubator clients. The Series offers both legal and business based workshop learning sessions to provide entrepreneurs access to business and legal information directly applicable to their businesses.


The workshops are conducted online, so no matter where you are located, you can attend any one, or all of the workshops. 

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The FAST TRACK ENTREPRENEURS program can host up to 30 startups with up to $1 million in advanced legal and business advisory services by senior lawyers who have actually started non-legal companies, for startups that are selected and admitted into the program.

Some entrepreneurs find out too late that some of the administrative steps they have taken may negatively impact them in the near future, especially in the areas of ownership percentages and raising money. Most entrepreneurs wish they could have done certain things differently early on. They wish they had been advised and mentored on how the right business entity, capital structure and fundraising terms really effect’s them in the future and how certain initial paths actually slow down the process of capital raising to move their businesses forward. Startups are running so fast they tend to ignore some of these initial steps and run into some trouble because they’re not documenting the right things, or they sold or gave away equity poorly. But it’s not just the initial missteps. Many startup businesses are plagued by not having mentors and advisors who have actually started companies and can help them avoid mistakes while growing their companies.

FAST TRACK ENTREPRENEURS is an opportunity to stay ahead of emerging technologies and business models as they unfold while getting much needed assistance from other entrepreneurs who have started and grown companies are part of our Entrepreneur in Residence Group.

The FAST TRACK ENTREPRENEURS program is currently only open to startups and early growth companies that go through an application process and are accepted by the firm. Moving forward, the firm expresses optimism for a program that fills an underserved gap in a startup’s journey.

It’s never been a better time to start a company and it’s never been more inexpensive, but there is still a gap in knowledge in what to do to optimize traction. New companies are raising money all the time and often spend it badly or don’t do the right thing and then they end up doing a down round.

Our firm knows the investment environment and has deep relationships with Investment Banking firms, Broker-Dealers, private equity and single and multiple Family Offices from around the country.

Meet Our Entrepreneurs In Residence

We are happy to introduce you to our Entrepreneurs In Residence for the Fast Track Entrepreneur Program. Our Entrepreneurs in Residence have proven track records of success in various industries including cybersecurity, healthcare, technology, marketing, sales, distribution and raising capital. These individuals have founded and have grown numerous companies resulting in big valuations and have agreed to assist our program participants in growing their businesses.


Having the right support team, including mentors that have years of startup success experience can help you succeed.

Jessica Robinson,
Michael Lane,
Melanie Contreras,
Rick Iler,

Benefits of the FTE Program

Benefits by Participating in the FTE Incubator:


  • Legal and business review and/or recommendations of business entity creation and filings

  • Legal and business review and/or counseling on idea(s), product(s) or service(s)

  • Review and/or preparation of executive employment agreement(s)

  • Review and/or preparation and formation of comprehensive business plan

  • Review and/or preparation and formation of financial proformas

  • Review and/or preparation and formation of capital raise(s)

Additional Benefits to Incubator Membership:


  • Free access to "The Entrepreneurial Master Class Series" of legal and business workshops

  • Access to a number of the firms "Entrepreneurs in Residence" network to assist you with your business goals

  • Introduction to funding sources including Investment Bankers, Private Equity, Family Offices and Broker-Dealers