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version [27.3 MB] daftykins: that's why i said "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" no it's not, remove pulseaudio - no need to upgrade - that would be a step to ah *sudo apt-get upgrade :-) nosmelc: dist-upgrade won't work with a package conflict, i guess you'll have to remove it first and yes, as i said it's silly to let a 14.04 user install skype, use a PPA, then upgrade if the package conflicts are such that it wouldn't continue after removing pulseaudio - that'd be another story so when that ends up being a broken system, will it be easier for me to fix it than if i had installed it as 14.10? noimnotninevolt, yeah, but you know how to do that. noimnotninevolt: pretty much no, if you're not prepared to spend time hunting down config files etc. to the point of reinstalling, that is If I install Ubuntu alongside Windows, and decide to switch back to Windows, can I just install it on my drive, and it will be fine? i'm doing this on a virtual machine, will the settings be preserved? xubuntu33w, yes daftykins: I would just prefer to figure out why it would work perfectly on the 14.10 live USB (with Pulse Audio too), but not on the final install on the machine. nosmelc: one really cannot help with issues caused by users installing PPAs, and managing their configuration manually nosmelc: have you even attempted a'sudo apt-get dist-upgrade'? daftykins: that worked perfectly. because it would have been pointless. pastebinit /etc/apt/sources.list what did you run,'sudo apt-




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Vavoo Pro Crack {windows} Android Download Here! Latest rchbre
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